Peter Gabriel - PlayPlay is back, the innovative collection of Peter Gabriel's music videos originally released in 2004 has been reissued.

Included are 23 5.1 mixes that primarily accompany the original videos, However, Games Without Frontiers was reworked and without having any videos for In Your Eyes, Solsbury Hill and the soulful Washing Of The Water, all new videos were created for these songs.

The great news for high resolution multi-channel fans is the 5.1 surround mixes in both Dolby Digital and DTS 24bit / 96kHz for every track and uniquely created by engineer veteran Daniel Lanois at the helm for most songs. The surround mixes are magnificent, emanating from all available channels and accentuating Gabriel’s engaging textures while breaking out the percussion and digging deep on the subterranean bass.

This is a well-rounded overview that includes many of Peter Gabriel’s hits such as Sledgehammer, I Don’t Remember, Big Time, In Your Eyes, Shock the Monkey, Biko, and many more. As one would expect, engineer Daniel Lanois has done a superlative job creating the various soundscapes for the vast variety of music on this disc. While there are some empty spaces among the crafty placement of synths, guitars, vocals, bass and drums, each mix is none the less very full and immersive. Gabriel has always paid attention to rich bass, and this has been translated extremely well by mixing engineer Daniel Lanois across the surround mixes, with a resonance that can commonly be found on his own solo albums.

While this disc provides memories of the early days of MT-V, when music videos were actually broadcast, it really provides fabulous eye candy to an already excellent 5.1 mix. Take a deep breath, kick back and enjoy a couple of hours of great surround music.

While this disc is recommended for Gabriel fans, and surround sound enthusiasts, I must ask why was it re-issued as a stand alone disc? All these videos and surround sound mixes are available on a companion DVD with the Live in Athens Blu-ray that was just released in 2013. For deal seekers, grab yourself the two disc Blu-ray set, otherwise this single DVD hits home for collectors.


 Format Info

DVD NTSC-0 with Dolby Digital and DTS 24/96 5.1 surround with accompanying video.


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