Hawkwind - Space Ritual

Hawkwind is unleashing a monumental 11-Disc box set of their well-regarded album “Space Ritual” in late September. Fans and surround enthusiasts should prepare to be transported on an interstellar odyssey as Atomhenge, the esteemed custodian of Hawkwind's legacy, unveils a resplendent jewel in their cosmic crown. This deluxe 50th anniversary extravaganza of the epochal live album has been meticulously curated over an 11-disc limited edition boxed set heralding the golden jubilee of Hawkwind's legendary live opus, recorded during their UK shows in December 1972, and shrouded in the afterglow of the band's preceding studio masterpiece "Doremi Fasol Latido."

Journey on an all-encompassing aural voyage as the original album emerges anew, remixed from the original master tapes by sonic alchemist Stephen W. Tayler. High resolution enthusiasts and immersionists will find the new 96kHz / 24-bit 5.1 surround and Stereo album mixes crafted from the 16-track master tapes of the mesmerizing concerts held at Liverpool Stadium, Sunderland Locarno, and Brixton Sundown across the CD’s and region-free Blu-ray discs. Surrender to the immersive embrace of Hawkwind's sonic tapestry featuring the complete versions of "Brainstorm," "Time We Left This World Today," and "You Shouldn't Do That." Travel through the temporal rift to rediscover the awe-inspiring Space Ritual concerts, where poetry recitations by the visionary Robert Calvert interweave with the psychedelic music odyssey.

Enter the chronicles of Hawkwind's legacy, as the grandeur of the Silver Machine single's triumph paved the way for this immersive tour de force. The Pye Records mobile unit captured the essence of the three unforgettable concerts, giving rise to the seminal double album adorned with evocative artwork by the inimitable Barney Bubbles. A pinnacle of artistic expression, the album soared to the UK Top 10 in May 1973, etching its name into the annals of prog rock history.

The cosmic journey is sealed with a captivating 68-page illustrated book, graced with an illuminating essay that unveils untold dimensions of Hawkwind's artistry. Additionally, witness the resurrection of a rare Space Ritual poster format tour program, lovingly reproduced which completes this monumental box set as the ultimate testament to the immortality of this legendary band and album.

Space Ritual's 50th Anniversary jubilation extends beyond the confines of this astral box set. Also on offer is a Double Transparent Gatefold Vinyl Edition, inviting vinyl connoisseurs to bask in the warm embrace of analog delights. For those seeking the stereo only edition, a 2CD Remixed Edition also awaits, all honed to perfection by the deft hands of Stephen W. Tayler.

Join the party as Hawkwind’s music unfurls in its psychedelic riffs. Space Ritual 50th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set is a celebration of the band's enduring legacy, forging the timeless connection between space, music, and the boundless spirit of exploration. Become part of the transcendent journey and embrace the essence of the cosmos through the resplendent Space Ritual.

10CD + 1 Blu-ray Box Set

  • CD1: “Space Ritual, part 1” The original album re-mastered
  • CD2: “Space Ritual, part 2” The original album re-mastered
  • CD3: Liverpool Stadium, part 1 - 22nd December 1972 New mix - previously unreleased
  • CD4: Liverpool Stadium, part 2 - 22nd December 1972 New mix - previously unreleased
  • CD5: Locarno Sunderland, part 1 - 23rd December 1972 New mix - previously unreleased
  • CD6: Locarno Sunderland, part 2 - 23rd December 1972 New mix - previously unreleased
  • CD7: Brixton Sundown, part 1 - London 30th December 1972
  • CD8: Brixton Sundown, part 2 - London 30th December 1972
  • CD9: Space Ritual, part 1 - 50th Anniversary Stereo Remix by Stephen W Tayler
  • CD10: Space Ritual, part 2 - 50th Anniversary Stereo Remix by Stephen W Tayler
  • Disc 11: Blu-ray - Space Ritual 5.1 mix & new Stereo mix By Stephen W Tayler

Scheduled for release September 29, 2023.

 Format Info

10 CD + 1 Blu-ray Deluxe Edition featuring new 2023 96kHz / 24-bit 5.1 Surround and Stereo mixes. Also available on CD and Vinyl in various collections, along with streaming sites.



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