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Trevor Rabin is back after nearly a quarter century with “Rio” (2023), his first vocal-led solo album since 1989’s “Can’t Look Away.” As evidenced by the pre-release tracks, this new album is aiming to be nothing short of a technical masterpiece, delivering a thrilling array of surprises, transcendent melodies, evocative shifts, and awe-inspiring musicianship. It's a resounding welcome back from the former Yes luminary and highly sought-after soundtrack maestro.

For high-resolution audio enthusiasts, seek out the Limited CD/Blu-Ray edition, housed in a lavish 28-page CD-sized mediabook. This deluxe package includes the core album along with three bonus tracks on CD, as well as a 5.1 surround mix and hi-res 24-bit stereo audio on the Blu-Ray.

Listeners may not be aware, but Trevor Rabin's music has likely touched their ears at some point in one’s routine. Perhaps you've encountered his work on the radio, where the iconic rock hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes graced the airwaves. Alternatively, fans might have unknowingly enjoyed his compositions in over 100 movie and TV soundtracks, or even heard his distinctive touch in the theme music for NBA basketball on TNT. Now, he's back with "Rio," his first vocal-led solo endeavor since "Can't Look Away" in 1989.

"Rio" stands as a creative exploration, underscored by Rabin's boundless musical expertise. Throughout the album, Rabin's storytelling through music shines brightly, weaving a tapestry of surprises, enchanting melodies, compelling transitions, and exceptional musicianship. Fans can experience this sonic journey in various formats, including the aforementioned limited CD + Blu-ray mediabook edition or the Ltd Deluxe Gatefold Red 180g 2LP + Blu-ray edition. Both versions offer bonus material, 5.1 surround sound, and insightful liner notes. Additionally, "Rio" is available in a Standard CD Jewel case, Gatefold 180g Black 2LP + LP booklet, Ltd Gatefold Transparent Sun Yellow 2LP + LP booklet, and as a Digital Album, ensuring there's a way for everyone to savor this new release.

Scheduled for release October 6, 2023.


 Format Info

CD + Blu-ray limited mediabook edition featuring 5.1 surround and 2.0 hi-res stereo mixes on Blu-ray.  Also available as a single CD edition or various Vinyl editions, including red and clear, plus a download version too.  Streaming via popular services. 



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