Ray Thomas - Words and Music

As a founding member of the classic progressive rock group The Moody Blues, a band whose legacy needs no introduction, during the group’s hiatus in the mid 1970’s, Ray Thomas recorded two solo albums, “From Mighty Oaks” in 1975 and “Hopes, Wishes & Dreams” released in 1976. Decades later, before he passed away in 2018, he co-wrote and recorded “'Dada's Song” with the Welsh musician Ryland Teifi, a piece which lyrically paid homage to Thomas’s Welsh ancestry.

The 2020 three disc release on Esoteric Records titled “Words & Music” is actually a compilation that gathers together a collection of songs from the first line-up of the Moody Blues, along with selections from Thomas’s solo albums and includes the first ever release of Dada's Song. For hi-res surround collectors, the set also contains a bonus DVD (NTSC-0 region free) which features a 5.1 surround mix of his 1975 album From Mighty Oaks, the 1975 promotional video of “High Above My Head” and the new video for “Dada's Song” exclusively shot for this release.

Released September 25, 2020.


 Format Info

2 CD + 1 DVD (NTSC-0) with 5.1 mix of his 1975 album "From Mighty Oaks."



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