Pink Floyd - Animals 2024 Atmos EditionIt surely comes as a surprise that Animals has received the Dolby Atmos treatment prior to Wish You Were Here, or even the highly anticipated possible release of the Wall. Yet, here it is, arriving in mid-May of 2024, a bit over 18 months after its initial release on Blu-ray in 5.1 surround sound.

So, to be clear, what makes this new stand-alone Blu-ray release different from the previous edition is only the Dolby Atmos Mix, which was created in 2022, yet did not make it onto the surround Blu-ray released back then! Additionally, like its predecessor, this new Blu-ray edition contains THE 2018 5.1 96kHz / 24-bit surround mix in both uncompressed and DTS-HD Master Audio. Plus, the original 1977 & new 2018 192kHz / 24-bit stereo mix in both uncompressed and DTS-HD Master Audio. All new mixes have been created by long time Pink Floyd engineer James Guthrie. However, for quadroholics, don’t expect any hidden quad treasures, if they exist, they are forever buried.

Once again, the artwork has been reimagined by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell from Hipgnosis especially for this release and presented in a digipak with a 16-page booklet, a sticker and a postcard and features the historic Battersea Power Station as it looks now, complete with the 2022 light projections used for the launch of the Animals 2018 Remix, mapped and designed by Peter Curzon from StormStudios.

I do find it a bit of an ironing that Pink Floyd is already digging for more revenue on the same material, especially for a band that seemingly criticized corporate greed and the ruling classes. Animals clearly used metaphors of different animals to represent different social classes. As the album begins and ends with "Pigs on the Wing," which serves as a framing device, expressing personal sentiments amidst the larger societal critique. The second track Dogs distinctly drives it home for me, as it describes the ruthless, competitive nature of individuals striving for success in capitalist society. The song portrays a sense of disillusionment with the cutthroat nature of the corporate world. Pigs (Three Different Ones)" represents the ruling class, particularly those in positions of power and authority. The lyrics satirize their greed, hypocrisy, and exploitation of the lower classes. It's a scathing critique of the elites who manipulate society for their own benefit. Dang, how many times will I buy this album? Maybe I am just a Sheep, part of the passive masses who blindly follow authority figures and conform to societal norms without questioning. This track explores themes of conformity, control, and the dangers of unquestioning obedience. OK, maybe I won’t buy another copy.

For a full review of the immersive surround mix, please see the Animals Blu-ray review.

Scheduled for release May 15, 2024.

 Format Info

Stand-alone Blu-ray featuring 2022 Dolby Atmos mixes, 2018 5.1 surround and stereo mixes in uncompressed 96kHz / 24-bit DTS-HD MA, and both 1977 and 2018 2.0 stereo mixes in 192kHz / 24-bit uncompressed DTS-HD MA.  Previously available on Blu-ray with 5.1 surround and stereo mixes.  Also available on CD, Vinyl, and by streaming services with different mastering.



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