Magenta – Reaching for the MoonIn a stunning display of musical prowess, Magenta took the stage at Arlington Arts Centre on May 21st, 2022, leaving the audience in awe. This unforgettable concert, captured on film and presented in a captivating 4-disc set, 2DVDs + 2CDs, showcases Magenta's enhanced lineup and features special guest Andy Foster (Kite Parade) on vocals and saxophone.

The DVDs are both region-free NTSC, ensuring that fans worldwide can experience the magic. With both Stereo and 5.1 Digital Dolby Surround Mixes, viewers are immersed in the rich soundscape created by this talented band.

The concert is divided into two parts, each offering a distinct musical journey. The first half treats fans to a collection of Magenta's shorter and more accessible songs, including beloved classics like "Broken" and "Glitterball," as well as newer gems like "Because."

The second half of the concert delves into the depths of Magenta's discography, featuring tracks from their recent album, "Masters of Illusion," alongside timeless favorites from their extensive catalog. This portion showcases the band's artistic evolution and their ability to seamlessly blend their progressive sound with elements of rock and symphonic music.

Magenta's leader, Robert Reed, expresses his enthusiasm for performing at Newbury, where the band had the space to incorporate guest musicians and an impressive light and video show. The goal was to highlight the tracks from their latest album, "Masters of Illusion," while also paying homage to their shorter singles released over the years. Reed's commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering a top-notch production is evident throughout the concert.

One cannot help but marvel at Reed's prodigious talent, as he effortlessly weaves together intricate arrangements and presents the music as an encompassing surround sound mix. Naturally readers here can skip the red book CD’s and spin the DVD’s that includes the Dolby-Digital 5.1 exquisite immersive audio-visual experience.

The concert captures the essence of Magenta's performance in Newbury, England, with filming that beautifully preserves the energy and spirit of the show, transporting viewers to the heart of the experience. Divided into two parts, the concert presents a rare treat for fans, as the first half features seldom-played live renditions of Magenta's hidden gems, while the second half treats them to the entirety of the captivating album "Masters of Illusion."

Notably, the concert showcases the talents of the flutist and oboist, who grace the stage throughout the performance. Additionally, the appearance of saxophonist Andy Foster, acclaimed for his recent "retro" album as Kite Parade, adds a touch of jazz-infused brilliance to three tracks, leaving the audience yearning for more.

The set also offers a pleasant surprise for fans of Magenta and Robert Reed's "Sanctuary" albums, paying homage to the legendary Mike Oldfield. With the lavish use of tubular bells, xylophone, and intricate guitar parts, the band embraces the spirit of Oldfield's work, thrilling prog-rock aficionados.

Expanding on the symphonic elements, the concert showcases riveting crescendos that take center stage, while still allowing for delicate acoustic moments. The instrumental sections are given room to shine, elevating the overall impression of the second half of the concert and leaving an indelible mark on fans.

Magenta's "Reaching for the Moon" is a testament to their artistry and the boundless creativity they bring to their live performances. Certainly, a must-have for fans of Magenta and a worthy addition for collectors of surround sound concerts and progressive rock enthusiasts.

Released March 24, 2023.


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2 CD + 2 DVD limited edition (1,000 copies) with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and 2.0 stereo mixes.  Also available via streaming platforms and download editions.



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