Diana Krall - The Girl in the Other RoomDiana Krall may have been said to have "sold out" on this 2004 release when she decided to record something other than jazz standards, but "The Girl in the Other Room" is truly a fantastic jazz album. While it isn't made up of classics like her prior releases, instead it is a bold recording and is a jazz record made with care, creativity, and a vibrant warmth on its twelve songs. The non-original material ranges from the Mississippi-fueled jazzed-up blues of Mose Allison's "Stop This World" to contemporary songs that are reinvented in Krall's image such as Tom Waits'
"Temptation", Joni Mitchellls "Black Crow", Chris Smither's "Love Me Like a Man", and her husband, Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue". The knock out of these is "Black Crow" which emotionally draws the listener in, and Anthony Wilson soars through an incredible guitar solo.

This is a must have in 5.1 Surround Sound, and is available on a Hybrid SACD .  The acoustic bass is solid and is very present in the sub-woofers.  Diana's piano is stretched across the left to right sound field, and is placed between the front and back speakers.  This envelops the listener, causing you to feel like you are sitting at her piano surrounded by the band.  Guitar is typically at the back, while the drums and voice are up front.  The sound stage is wide and has a lot of presence, and the quality is pleasantly live, which provides a sense of sitting in a night club and listening to these tunes.  This is by far one of the clearest Super Audio CD's we have heard to date.

"The Girl in the Other Room" is a bold new direction by an artist who expresses great willingness to extend the jazz tradition through confessional language and a wonderfully inventive application that is caressed by, not saturated in, elegant pop.


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Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD.  Also available on Vinyl.


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