Alyse Korn & Robert Kyle - Tuesday's Child

I absolutely enjoy discovering new artists, especially ones that compose crafty and engaging melodies all while finding a unique voice in a sea of commonalities. “Tuesday's Child” is a captivating album comprised of nine original compositions by veteran reed player Robert Kyle and jazz pianist/vocalist Alyse Korn. This collection of songs is inspired by their love of Jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban music, offering intimate, lyrical, and warm pieces that allow listeners to fall into deep contemplation.

I have learned that Robert Kyle is renowned for his warm tone and passionate interpretations on tenor and soprano saxophone, as well as his melodic and inventive flute work. He is the primary composer, arranger, and producer of Tuesday’s Child and has recorded and performed with top names in the music industry, including Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, and Michael McDonald, among many others. Kyle has recorded over a dozen CDs as a leader and is known for his phrasing, which is reminiscent of a strong singer who can connect emotionally with the audience.

Alyse Korn is a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, composer, arranger, and music educator. She earned a BM in Studio Music and Jazz Performance from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and an MFA in Jazz Piano Performance from CalArts. Korn has performed with jazz, Brazilian, and Salsa bands, and her mentors include some of the most renowned names in the industry.

The album also features Kevin Winard on drums and percussion, Hussain Jiffry and Ahmet Turkmenoglu on bass, and Leonice Shinneman on tabla, all of whom enrich the music with their talent and creativity.

The album opens with Korn's composition "Gratitude," featuring ethereal vocals by Korn which are somewhat reminiscent of Flora Purim’s vocals on Chick Corea’s “Return to Forever” album. She wrote it while at the Krishnamurti Retreat in Ojai, California, reflecting on the atmosphere of the retreat, where people connect with nature. There is a open and airy quality to the various instruments that spread across the stereo field that is accented by the lively tabla.

"What If," composed by Kyle, offers a wistful vibe that is steeped in a Brazilian style. Kyle plays the melody on flute and adding improvisations that gently flow over Korn's soulful piano playing and vocalese. The ambience that surrounds the piano and flute spread warmly across the soundstage, providing depth that is softly reflected in a spacious room.

"Your Light" is a beautiful romantic ballad that Kyle wrote which captures the grace, kindness, and passion he finds in his partnership with Korn. The intimate and engaging melody features Kyle's tender tenor saxophone accompanied by Korn’s sensitive piano work. Once again, the realism of the recording brings these two players right into ones listening room with perfect clarity. Also, the title track is another tune Kyle wrote for Korn, as they were both born on a Tuesday, and atmospherically takes the same path as Your Light.

Korn composed "Winter," a dark and moody piece that would easily fit in with much of the early ECM Records sound. One can feel the colder California mountains for which she wrote the piece, embellished by the various timbres of the ensemble that dynamically drive the tune.

The album closes with my favorite track "Ruby's Dream," composed by Kyle and featuring Shinneman on tabla. As has been present across the album, the transparency, dynamics, and depth have made the album a joy to listen to. I found out that the song is named for an acquaintance from a Yoga class who gifted Kyle her 1926 Knabe grand piano that was abandoned in a warehouse. This was the first song that he wrote on it, making "Ruby's Dream" the perfect end to this gorgeous and subtle album.

Highly recommended for fans of jazz and contemplative music listeners, along with those who have followed earlier acoustic driven ECM recordings. Truly a peaceful and uplifting listen that is both creative and inspiring.

Released March 24, 2023.

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