The Wrong Object - Into the HerdFusion Jazz meets Progressive and Post Rock on “Into The Herd,” the 2019 release from The Wrong Object on Off Records. Naturally the electrifying guitar work of Michel Delville is extenuated by her guitar-synth and dark electronics that build the pallet on this nine track HD album. The bands unique characteristics are driven by both Marti Melia’s bass and tenor saxophones and clarinet, along with the baritone and tenor sax work of François Lourtie.

Yet it is the grinding bass of Damien Campion that kicks off the opening title track with its riveting deep groove, along with the heavy hitting drumming by Laurent Delchambrewho also makes extensive use of electronic pad with some gritty samples. This 24-bit / 44.1k download available through their BandCamp page is another powerful example of the depth of high-resolution recordings.

Recorded by Maxime Wathieu and mixed by Etienne Plumer, MoonJune recording artist Mark Wingfield mastered the album providing another transparent and clean release for fans to enjoy. The dense first track opens into “A Mercy,” a Canterbury styled piece flavored with jazz elements and the keyboard parts from Antoine Guenet falling left of center. The stereo field spreads nicely creating a concert like wall of sound with Delville’s phased guitar melodically taking solos just right of center. The crisp snare decays into the soundstage building some measurable depth to this well balanced mix.

I absolutely keyed into the third track “Rumble Buzz,” boasting a moderately frenetic pace, blazing guitar solos and emphatically wild sax solos. Dynamics once again prove to be very evident with the tapered down keyboard solos and decisively open slower sax solo segment.

The Belgian sextet finds melodies that pull from traditional Middle Eastern and European folk and jazz styles, blending with instrumental post-rock futuristic sounds. Each song is truly unique from the others, yet each hold many similarities to one another. They tie together with great intensity, boldly stretching the bounds of the many genres they cross between.

On the gentle and melody rich seventh track “Many Lives” the breath of the sax’s are easily heard, wonderfully demonstrating the richness of the recording. Likewise the brushes on the snare and splashes on the cymbals crystalize the details, along with the vibrance of the piano part.

Into the Herd fills the high-resolution medium with great exuberance, documenting this fantastic band with their brilliant collection of songs. Strongly recommended for fusion-jazz lovers, post-rock enthusiasts, and followers of the progressive rock styles released by MoonJune Records. It is a high-octane album that will surely keep your blood flowing and extend the boundaries of your listening experiences.

When you find you want more, delve into their back catalogue with these five titles: Zappa Jawaka, 2018; After the Exhibition, 2014; Stories from the Shed, 2008; The Unbelievable Truth (featuring Elton Dean), 2006.


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CD and 24-bit / 44.1kHz download through BandCamp.



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