Orion Tango – The In Between

“The In Between,” the third album from Orion Tango dives into the same improvisatory bandwidth as the heavier and jazz influenced side of King Crimson. The progressive fusion driven sound is fearless, tough, and driven on a turbo charged set of outstanding spontaneous explorations that are expressive. The songs have been etched into a metal high velocity form from this Philadelphia-based power trio."

With the new album by Orion Tango - The In Between, the band goes much deeper, darker, and heavier than any time in their history. Certainly, their debut, Orion Tango and the much lauded sophomore release, The Apple of No, have their moments of heaviness, but as an improvising progressive power trio, they have never moved this close to metal, progressive metal, doom metal, black metal, or whatever you want to call it—perhaps, even an aspect of punk ferociousness is present. It definitely goes there. It’s yet another color or force in the Orion Tango expanding palette.  

High resolution enthusiasts can enjoy a 48kHz / 24-bit lossless download from their BandCamp page, and enjoy a physical copy on CD too.  I especially like the overall presence of the recording which offers a performance stage like quality.   The drums are spicy and the guitar razor sharp with overdriven power conveying a stack of amps reigning down on the listener.  The bass is bossy and demanding with its weight as it supports the trio.  The In Between is a dynamically vibrant recording that is best heard loud.

You may know guitarist TIM MOTZER from one of his musical collaborations such as Bandit65 with guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and drummer Gintas Janusonis. Bandit 65 received a 5 star Downbeat magazine review for it’s (2019) debut album Searching the Continuum on Heartcore Records. Bandit 65 toured Japan, Europe, and USA from 2016 until 2020 when COVID shut things down.

Or you may be familiar with Motzer's recordings on MoonJune Records, which include PAKT, a quartet comprised of legendary Welsh bassist Percy Jones, guitarist Alex Skolnick, and drummer Kenny Grohowski. Besides the debut double CD PAKT—there are 4 additional recordings available from MoonJune of performances culled from a variety of USA live shows. PAKT won the Jazz Times readers poll as best new artist of 2021.

Motzer's imprint is vast, and 1k Recordings has released over 55 albums spanning his eclectic solo guitar work and collaborations, including ORION TANGO, an improvising progressive power trio, featuring drummer Jeremy Carlstedt, and bassist Barry Meehan. Orion Tango has released three albums: Orion Tango (2015), their debut, and The Apple of No (2017), their critically acclaimed 2nd release. This new release, The In Between, finds the band going deeper, darker, and heavier than any time in their history.

The In Between is available from 1k as a physical edition CD or digital download.

 Released Jan 1, 2022.https://1krecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-in-between

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CD and Digital Download 48kHz / 24-bit stereo lossless formats.  Also available via streamin services.



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