Anchor and Burden - Kosmonautik Pilgrimage

Anchor and Burden's latest album, "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage," marks a new era for the group with drummer Asaf Sirkis joining the lineup. It's clear that his skills have been seamlessly integrated into the group's sound. The album is an immersive experience, filled with atmospheric soundscapes, thunderous percussion, and intertwining melodies. From start to finish, "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage" is an impressive and rewarding listen that gets better with repeat plays.

Featuring the talents of touch guitarist Markus Reuter (of Stick Men), Asaf Sirkis (also now the new drummer for Soft Machine), touch guitarist Alexander Paul Dowerk, and Bernhard Wöstheinrich on keyboards and electronics, this album showcases the best of progressive fusion music. It's a monster killer album that will appeal to those who love exceptional music.

Markus Reuter comments on the band's development over the past year and a half. He explains how Anchor and Burden is the embodiment of the vision he and Bernhard Wöstheinrich had over two decades ago. The inclusion of another touch guitarist, his master-student and friend Alexander Paul Dowerk, was an obvious choice for Reuter.

With Shawn Crowder on drums during the initial sessions, the band recorded five albums of cutting-edge improvised music that they self-released in 2021 and early 2022. However, with Asaf Sirkis joining the band for the 2022 sessions, "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage" takes the group to new heights. Reuter explains that the music has become the most intense, and the collective composition that happens in the moment is nothing short of miraculous.

The use of the multichannel Touch Guitars® S8 instrument, played extensively by Dowerk throughout the album, is another notable feature. Each string is recorded and processed separately, creating a sound that is both massive and intricate. The separation of parts in the mix, engineered by friend Stefano Castagna at his Ritmo&Blu studio in Italy, highlights the instrument's capabilities and the band's impressive musicianship.

As one would expect from releases on MoonJune, the sound is exceptional, and one can either pick up a CD or a high resolution 24-bit download stereo file from the groups BandCamp page. Overall, "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage" is a must-listen for fans of exceptional music. Anchor and Burden has once again set an example of what a contemporary fusion band can be, and this album is a testament to their talents and dedication to their craft.

Released January 13, 2023.


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CD and Hi-Res 24-bit download, also available via streamings sites.



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