Alice Di Micele - Lucky DogsAlice DiMicele's new album Lucky Dogs features her incredible band which includes Jeff Pevar on guitar, mandolin, lap steel, dobro and ukulele, Damian Erskine on Bass, Russ Kleiner on Drums, Mikey Stevens on Trumpet and Flugelhorn, and Duke Davis on Saxophones. Mixing folk, funk, and rock, this energetic release features fifteen original songs including a remake of her classic tune "It's A Miracle" from the 1989 release of the same name.

Much like her eleven previous releases, sentiments of peace, love, and justice are abundant. The sound quality is extremely good, but from an audiophile perspective lacks dynamic punch while the soundstage is flat, placing the horns close without letting them breathe. Regardless, listeners won't be disappointed, rather they will find themselves singing along to these well crafted tunes. This is exactly the kind of release that is likely to make the listener feel happy and joyous to be alive.

Audio CD, Apple Lossless, or FLAC download.  Also stream at Band Camp.


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