The Amnis Initiative – EjectionBack in 1859 solar flares pummeled the earth and went onto be known as the Carrington Event, named after the amateur astronomer who first observed it. This concept album is a warning of the dangers of relying on modern technology, which is dramatically affected by these magnetic storms emitted by the sun. When these storms happen again, we can observe the beauty of the auroras; however, it is widely expected that our electronics will fry, our power will be out for an extended period, and telecommunications will come to a sudden stop.

“Ejection” contains timeless electronic melodic music, played on none other than a myriad of electronic instruments, including: Roland, Korg, MemoryMoon, U-He, Dexed, Steinberg, AAS, Valhalla, Overloud, and many more. Except for the 15th track, every bit of this project by The Amnis Initiative has been composed, performed, and produced by D. F. Lodewijks. High resolution and surround sound listeners can become engrossed in this mind melding album which is available as a FLAC download in 48kHz / 24-bit 5.1 surround or 2.0 stereo standard resolution 44.1kHz / 16-bit version. As it should be, both artwork and booklet are included.

Well, even before I complete my review, I must say imagine our world after we are hit with these solar flares. Thus, bets to pick up this album as soon as possible, you would not want to miss hearing it.

released May 29, 2020

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FLAC 5.1 48k/24-bit surround and 44.1k/16-bit stereo download versions.



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Wesley is a lifelong music enthusiast. He started his career in the recording industry in New York City as an audio engineer, producer, and studio manager. Subsequently he toured across America as a guitarist with the short-lived band Land's Crossing. After many years in the technology sector and amassing a substantial vinyl and CD collection, he delved into immersive audio and created Hi-Res Edition to share with other listeners about the sound quality and discrete mixes available on many formats. He recently upgraded his system to 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos and continues to seek out and share about the best sounding releases.


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