Giancarlo Erra - Ends - FLAC 5.1 surround download

The debut solo album Ends by Giancarlo Erra embarks on a myriad of contemporary classical pieces that clearly demonstrate his masterful gift for producing timelessly intimate and profound music. It may seem odd to start one’s solo career with an album named “Ends,” yet he decided to name it as such because each end is in actuality the possible start for something new. He says, “This isn't always easy to accept, and it’s something I often struggle with. “

The album comprises of a suite of eight thematically linked instrumentals, employing sparse piano patterns, synth textures, an eerily beautiful string quartet, underpinned by subtle electronic pulses, all blended to create a sensitive and compelling singular purpose. Fans of Nosound will find this music freed from the constraints of writing songs that fit the framework for his long-running post-rock collective. In abandoning his voice, Giancarlo Erra has discovered a new one.

For surround sound enthusiasts, a download 5.1 FLAC version of the album accompanies all purchases of the Compact Disc through Burning Shed. It is not sold separately, which is a distinct disadvantage for fans outside of the United Kingdom, as shipping costs can become expensive. I recommend previewing it on your favorite streaming site and determine the value of obtaining the surround sound download for your multi-channel collection.


FLAC 5.1 & 2.0 hi-res download through Burning Shed when purchasing either a CD or Limited Edition Vinyl.


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