Robin Trower - Bridge of SighsBridge of Sighs, Robin Trower's second album after blazing out of Procol Harum, is a rip-roaring, soul-stirring rock ripping magic. Often hailed as a blues-rock supernova that streaked like a comet across the music scene. Trower, with his power trio, tore through boundaries, shredding the very fabric of sound with electrifying fervor.

Joined by the soulful crooner and bass virtuoso James Dewar, and the rhythmic sorcerer Reg Isidore, they summoned a psychedelic blues tempest that grooved with every note and beat. Behind the mixing boards, the dynamic duo of Matthew Fisher and Geoff Emerick, themselves legends of the rock pantheon, created this audiophile landscape that has reverberated with timeless intensity.

Now, half a century later, these sonic relics have been unearthed, remixed, and remastered from their original master tape. High-resolution immersive enthusiasts have been asking for a physical spatial release of the Bridge of Sighs, and this 50th Anniversary Edition is on its way, a sprawling opus pulsating with unreleased treasures and live performances that'll make listeners speakers quake and their heart race.

Delve into the 24-page tome within, where David Sinclair's prose guides fans through the labyrinth of rock history. Interviews with Robin Trower and Matthew Fisher illuminate the creative crucible where this masterpiece was forged. Icons of rock like Bryan Ferry, Robert Fripp, and Steve Lukather add their voices to the chorus, alongside rare snapshots that capture the essence of an era.

So, get ready, on May 17, Chrysalis Records will release the 50th Anniversary of Bridge of Sighs 3 CD + Blu-ray edition. Featuring a freshly minted stereo mix, coupled with unearthed gems and a live performance that will transport rockers back in time. Certainly, for those seeking true immersion, the Blu-ray beckons, with a Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Mix, sure to be a sonic carnival for the senses.

Sensibly the anniversary edition is available in various versions: a 3CD/Blu-ray box as described above, brimming with sonic treasures and a lavish booklet, ensconced in a media book for safekeeping. Vinyl enthusiasts can revel in the 2LP set, pressed on 180g black vinyl, and housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket. Also, for the digital denizens, download editions and streaming are likely to be available too.

CD 1: contains the original album, remastered from the tape transfers. CD 2: 2024 Stereo Mix along with a selection of outtakes and rarities never heard before, plus USA radio spots. CD 3: entire show from the US tour supporting the album, available for the first time and newly remastered from the original tape transfers. Blu-ray with all the material from the CD’s, plus a newly created Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround mix, along with stereo album instrumentals and additional outtakes that are only available here.

At the center of this package is a 24-page booklet featuring liner notes by David Sinclair, newly conducted interviews with Robin Trower and Matthew Fisher and testimonials by Bryan Ferry, Robert Fripp, Steve Lukather, Clive Bunker, Andy Parker and album cover designer Paul Olsen, all alongside previously unseen photographs.

Bridge of Sighs is undoubtably a monument to the enduring power of rock and roll, and no collector of any sort will want to miss this edition.

Schedule for release May 17, 2024.


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3CD + Blu-ray 50th Anniversary Box Set with Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo mixes. Bonus material, including concert.  Also available on vinyl, and via streaming with different mastering.



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