Fleetwood Mac - RumoursThe album "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac not only elevated the band from moderate success to the zenith of pop music but also set a benchmark for album sales. Its historic chart-topping success is matched by the rich narrative that the album encapsulates, largely driven by the personal chaos within the band. During its creation, romantic entanglements and disintegrations among band members fueled the emotionally charged lyrics and influenced every track on the album.

Despite these personal upheavals, the album’s true brilliance lies in its exceptional musical and recording quality. Lindsey Buckingham, the band’s guitarist and key songwriter played a crucial role in crafting its accessible yet intricate melodic arrangements. His inventive approach helped transform raw emotional content into universally relatable music, making even a poignant track like "Go Your Own Way" a phenomenal hit. Over the years, the album's songs have garnered extensive radio play, becoming embedded deeply in the cultural fabric since its release in 1977.

After several iterations, Rhino has introduced the latest edition featuring a new Dolby Atmos mix by Chris James on a stand-alone Blu-ray audio disc. Additionally, the earlier surround mix crafted by Ken Caillat has been included along with stereo mixes too. This newer mix optimally utilizes multi-channel formats, placing backing vocals, secondary guitars, and keyboards in the rear speakers, enhancing the clarity and depth of the harmonies and musical embellishments.

Collectors with earlier immersive editions will note that the bonus track "Silver Springs" is now moved to the end of the album, restoring the original album order. For many long-time fans "Silver Springs" seemed somewhat out of place, perhaps not aligning with the iconic status of the original track list, yet a nice bonus offering on the Blu-ray edition. Additionally, the Atmos version restores the feel of the original stereo mix of "Never Going Back Again" by removing the noodling guitar solo added to the 5.1 versions found on the previously released DVD-A and SACD editions.

Having already been available via streaming in Dolby Atmos for a few months, this edition has already proved to be another evolution in audio quality. Although the height channels are primarily used for ambience, there are some key elements pushed up top, elevating them out of the surround bed. Even for those like me whom have overplayed this album, this new edition of "Rumours" is still an essential addition to any music lover’s collection, particularly for those who appreciate the nuanced art of spatial mixing, as well as collecting previously released surround and stereo mixes all on one exclusive shiny disc from Rhino Music.

This edition released April 26, 2024.


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Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos mix, DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 surround and stereo mixes. Previously released with 5.1 surround as part of a box set on DVD and on Japan SACD. Also available on CD and Vinyl, plus through streaming services.



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