Paul Draper - Cult Leader TacticsOn his second solo release, former Mansun frontman, Paul Draper, returns with a satirical analysis of the self-help manual genre on “Cult Leader Tactics.” Across this collection of songs, he tells the story of how to become a complete cult in the music industry. Within the nine tracks, listeners will find the guide on how they can get to the top of their chosen profession, or for that matter, ahead in life and even in affairs of the heart. Secret be told, just act in a Machiavellian manner, using dirty tricks to achieve one’s life goals, thus these dark songs focus on an industry he is all too aware of. Still, after experiencing these types of human behaviors and themes, the album arrives at the conclusion that the only true answer in life is love.

 Most of the instruments on the album have been played by Draper, including lead vocals, guitar and various Moogs and other synthesizers. He produced the album with long-time collaborator and acclaimed producer Paul ‘P-Dub’ Walton who is known for his work with Massive Attack, The Cure, and Bjork. Cult Leader Tactics also includes guest appearances from Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Gam of the band Sweat, plus features a 288-person C.L.T. Lockdown Choir compiled from fans who recorded themselves singing the lyric "let there be love at the end of the day."

For high resolution audio and surround sound collectors, a limited 3CD + 1 DVD deluxe edition is available, which includes a 5.1 in both DTS and Dolby Digital. The large format hardcover set includes a 60 page book, which contains 24 chapters of exclusive extracts from the book ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ written by Paul Draper and exclusive to this deluxe set

 The word on the street is that this is an excellent release that boldly embraces contemporary production soundscapes. The surround mix makes good use of the back channels with discrete percussion and backing vocals panned behind the sweet spot. If ones listening room is configured for classic quad versus surround, it may be necessary to increase the volume of the rear channels.

Recommended for fans of Mansun and followers of Paul Draper. Avid surround enthusiasts will certainly want to include this in their collection, and those seeking a great story line surely will want to dive in too.

Released January 28, 2022.

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3CD + 1DVD-V Limited Edition with 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital surround mixes.  Also available on CD, Vinyl, Stereo Download and through various streaming sites.



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