JBL Flip 4

Looking for great portable sound to pump up the volume from your Bluetooth enable devices or even connect via headphone jack? Look no further. The JBL Flip 4 weighs just over 18 ounces and measures just 2.8 x 6.9 x 2.7 inches while providing enough loudness to fill an entire room.

I picked up this device to connect to an iPad, iPhone and Classic iPod. The Bluetooth v 4.2 connection is simple, just turn on the smart phone, tablet or similar device, navigate to the menu option to pair a Bluetooth device. Turn on the power to the JBL Flip 4 speaker and then press the Bluetooth button until the blue power light flashes. Then return to the smart phone, tablet or similar device, and select the JBL Flip 4, and the device should immediately connect, at which point the power light will turn to a solid blue. They will automatically reconnect after that.

On the smart device any audio source will now be directed through the JBL speaker, which has its own volume. However, the volume from your portable device may also need to be turned up, such as if you choose to connect via 3.5mm audio jack.

I was in awe with the quality of the stereo sound which is delivered via a built-in dual woofers. It literally has full range sound quality and is so small that it can easily fit in a daypack or briefcase.

When I connected via stereo headphone jack to an iPod, the JBL continued to deliver exceptional sound. I did notice that the deep lows rolled off faster than via Bluetooth, but still for a portable speaker, the JBL Flip 4 rocks. When using the wired connection, the rechargeable Lithium battery life increases dramatically from the specified 12 hours for use as a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

This speaker is not only great for personal listening on the go, but fantastic as a powerful speaker for use in presentations or a classroom environments. Recently I attended a workshop with about 18 students held in about a 600 square foot conference room. We plugged the JBL Flip 4 speaker directly into the presenter’s laptop, and the entire room was knocked off their seat with the powerful sound quality emanating from this little speaker. Everyone could easily hear the video presentations, and that is exactly what I expect from a device like this. No fuss, yet great sound quality.

Even better, this sporty waterproof fabric covered gem is available in 6 vibrant colors, Flip 4 quickly becomes the all-purpose, all weather companion that can take the party everywhere. Although I haven’t used it yet, it also includes a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear conference calls, and JBL Connect+ technology that can wirelessly links up to 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers together! Also, with a simple button press, one can activate and talk to Siri or Google Now.

Highly recommended for audio enthusiasts on the go who desire to connect via Bluetooth or wired headphone jack, all at an extremely reasonable price.

Want to see how to set it up? Watch these videos.

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Bluetooth Wireless rechargeable portable speaker by JBL.


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