Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Tori Amos - Under the PinkIt was Tori Amos' second long player “Under the Pink” that captivated me both with its fantastic sound quality and maturing compositions. Building on the success of her debut Little Earthquakes she became more adventurous, moving further upstream on later releases. I still consider this to be her best album combining some of her strongest melodies and intriguing lyrics with powerful arrangements that created an artistic success that is instantly recognizable. While the wicked critique of “God” blares its heavy funk-rock with squelching guitars, “Cornflake Girl” stuttering vocal hook speaks of betrayal from those close to you. Under the Pink covers a lot of ground dynamically from heavy hitting drums and solid bass to just Amos and piano on “Baker Baker,” describing a story of departed love. A top shelf recording that continues to draw me in with every listen.


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CD, Vinyl, or 24bit / 96k download.  Also available on cassette.

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