Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection


Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Peter Gabriel - PassionCasual fans of Peter Gabriel likely are unaware of his 1989 masterpiece titled “Passion,” which is actually his soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese film “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Similar to his solo work Gabriel blends world music with his rhythmic rock elements creating an atmospheric tapestry which evokes the spiritual realm. As is common on his recordings, the sound quality is fantastic, and he has incorporated field recordings from Turkey, Senegal, and Egypt., all generally Middle Eastern in origin. But when you are on your Desert Island this brilliant fusion of ancient and modern music will transport you across both geography and time, and you’ll hear why Passion is considered is finest work and an absolute must have in your collection. Of course, collectors wil also want to include his acclaimed earlier releases, including So and Security, along with his self titled first three albums too!


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Compact Disc, also available on Vinyl and limited cassette copies.



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