Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening


Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Keith Jarret - The Köln Concert

Over the past several decades there has only been one essential solo piano improvisation recording, and that is “The Köln Concerts” by Keith Jarret. His extemporaneous melodic and somewhat trance inducing pieces are extremely emotional, making them worthy of repeated listens. One can find solace, vigor, and even a spiritual awakening while engaged with this double album set that features four songs specifically designed to fit across two long players. Pick up the high resolution downloads for incredible clarity when adding this to your desert island treasure chest.

Jarrett's intimate meditation on the nature of sound and how it stacks up against silence, engages listeners in its beauty, truth, and meaning. The concert swings with liberation from cynicism or the need to prove anything to anyone ever again. The acoustic live feel and room ambience places you in the Köln Opera House where it was recorded, a pleasurable instant transport while sitting on the beach waiting for rescue. It is perfect for any time of day, but best when a quieter mood is preferred.


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CD, SACD, Vinyl, and 96kHz / 24-bit high resolution stereo download. Also available through popular streaming services.



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