Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Joan Armatrading - Joan ArmatradingIt was Joan Armatrading's eponymous third album that found me repeatedly listening to her lovely vocals and interesting arrangements. Elevating her into the ranks of leading female artists with a swagger that revealed her stories of unluckiness in love, which didn't have to have dire consequences, she magnificently blended elements of folk, rock and jazz together to create this powerful album. Stepping forward from the folk idiom of the early '70s, producer Glyn Johns kicked up her folksy sound with members of Fairport Convention, Gallagher & Lyle , plus the Faces. Years later this still stands out as her strongest music to date, featuring her best material delivered in a wonderfully natural way, capturing the shades between song and lyric, highly polished with a very warm and riveting sound.


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