Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening Desert Island Collection

Desert Island CollectionDefinitive Listening

Brand X - Unorthodox BehaviourWhen Genesis drummer Phil Collins second role as a prolific session musician afforded the opportunity to meet Percy Jones, John Goodsall, and Robin Lumley during sessions for Brian Eno, the quartet soon formed Brand X. The all new fusion jazz group went on to compliment the prodigious rhythms of Collins and fretless bassist Jones with the atmospheric melodies of Goodsall and Lumley to create their debut album Unorthodox Behaviour. Following a similar path of established bands like Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra, Brand X was punctuated by the distinctive characteristic playing of Jones and Collins balanced by the frenetic guitar work of John Goodsall and stylistic synthesis Robin Lumley. The combo unified to write these blazing and melodic songs, underpinned by Jones and Collins teaming for percussive sections and Goodsall and Lumley handling the lyrical passages. A true fusion of rock and jazz, Unorthodox Behaviour covers a variety of styles from melodic to energetic, and ethereal to mathematical. Although their following three albums are equally as worthy, the debut remains the standout and with limited space in the trunk for a Desert Island Collection, this is the perfect choice.


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